Cuisine : Russian
Calories : 401
Type : Vegetarian
Serving Size : 10
Course : Dessert
Preparation Time : 510  Min

No Ingredient Quantity Measure Type
1 Cream cheese 8 Ounces
2 Cottage cheese 8 Ounces
3 Butter 1/4 Cup
4 Sour cream 8 Ounces
5 Almonds 1/2 Cup
6 Currants 1/2 Cup
7 Vanilla extract 1 Teaspoon
8 Lemon extract 1/4 Teaspoon
9 White sugar 1 Cup

Recipe Details
Pashka is a cheese cake-like dessert or breakfast food that is usually eaten with thick-crusted breads, but I like it plain, too. Though no cooking is needed, it does chill over night. My Bestemor has made this for me since I was a child and I have always loved it!

Cooking Instructions

  1. In a medium bowl, thoroughly blend cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream and butter.
  2. Gradually fold in sugar, lemon extract, vanilla extract, almonds and currants.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a shallow medium dish. Cover with a cloth, and chill in the refrigerator 8 hours, or overnight.

Garnishing Instructions
Not available.

Serving Instructions
Refrigerate before serving.

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